Northern Magic Circle

Gordon Wardle

ONLINE Magician & Mindreader

Many people, like myself, currently have no income due to the virus shutdown. If the virus has also left you financially stressed then please just enjoy the magic. You can then share, 'like' or comment on my social media pages, and tell your friends about my online magic shows. When things get back to normal you might want to book me for birthdays, weddings and other events.

If you have enjoyed the magic show and want to make a small 'thank-you' donation at the end of the magic show then just tell me and I will send you a link with the payment details or use the gratuities button below.
There is no obligation to make a small donation via that link, and you won't be sent any reminders or follow-up messages if you choose not to make a donation

I also recognise that online magic can suffer from technical problems - echos, pauses, delays, poor sound, etc. The quality of the online performances can sometimes be below the usual professional standards that I will bring to live functions.